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Perseverance is a personal quality that can come through in different circumstances and is necessary to overcome many of life’s challenges.  Perseverance is found in oneself to keep going through difficult times, navigate around obstacles and exists despite discouragement.  This quality teaches us how to keep moving forward and can teach us many new things about ourselves.  Perseverance can also be present to help us achieve goals.  Depending on how you view challenges, perseverance can be an aid to overcoming something without sinking and failing.  Perseverance is a quality that many leaders acquire and is something that employers and schools look for in their candidates.  Because perseverance is often a learned skill, knowing how to gain it or acquire more, is important for long-term personal success.  Perseverance can be acquired through going through trials and being able to test your skillset.  You can persevere by setting realistic goals and making a determination to complete them.  Maintaining a positive mindset for your achievement can also assist you.  New experiences and challenging yourself, can put you in a situation to develop perseverance.  When going through a trial of perseverance, keeping a steady pace and taking reasonable steps toward your goal can assist you in getting where you want to be.  While perseverance is something that is worked for, the outcome can be a great reward.  Overcoming one situation with perseverance can lead to great success for future challenges.  How have you persevered in the past?  What types of circumstances are you trying to get through right now?  Keep in mind that perseverance can come with a cost, but with a little determination, you can get closer to where you want to be.

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