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Mentoring 101

Are you looking to improve your career or take the next step in reaching your goals but you’re not sure the right path to take?  Maybe you have achieved your goals and are now wanting to pass on your skill set to the next generation?  Mentoring might be the right path for you.
What is a mentor?
Mentoring is a professional development tool that is often not utilized in today’s workplace or educational settings.  A mentor is someone who guides a less experienced or knowledgeable person.  A mentor can be someone for professional or personal guidance.  Anyone can become a mentor with the right experience and education.
Why Should I consider being a mentor?
Becoming a mentor is a powerful step to helping another person reach their goals and have an overall positive influence on their future.  In addition, you can grow in your leadership skills, strengthen your own skills and develop new ones.  Being a mentor can allow you the opportunity to review your own behavior and learn to see things in a new way.  You can have the great feeling of helping someone else through mentorship and help a future generation become successful!
Why would I want a mentor?
Perhaps you are looking for guidance with your career or education.  Finding a mentor, someone you can look up to and ask for advice, can be a great step in advancing yourself.  Having a mentor can put you on the fast track to success in your field.  It is an opportunity to learn new skills firsthand from someone with experience and can shorten your learning curve.
Stay tuned to learn some tips on what skills can make a good mentor!

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