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All About Long Term Care

Most of us are familiar with the terms nursing home or senior living or maybe even skilled nursing facility.  All of these facilities provide Long Term Care to their patients.  Long Term Care can range in duration from short term to long term, depending on the physical or emotional need(s) of the patient.  Today we will be focusing on the specifics of Long Term Care.  This is when an individual needs someone else to assist them with physical or emotional care for a long period of time.
Why Long Term Care?
Long Term Care can be used for many basic activities of daily living.  These may include walking, managing pain, providing meals, shopping or attending doctors’ appointments, taking medications, house upkeep, providing companionship, and much more.  Long Term Care can be necessary for those patients experiencing disability, illness, injury or a terminal condition.  Long Term Care can vary in duration depending on the severity of the need.  These types of services can be provided in several environments ranging from the patient’s home, to an assisted living, to a nursing home.
The two types of Long Term Care:

  1. Temporary Long Term Care– This is provided for recovery or rehabilitation from a
     surgery, illness or hospital stay. This care can be provided for a couple weeks to several months.
  2. Ongoing Long Term Care– This is provided for chronic medical needs that can expand from several months to years.

Long Term Care is an essential need for our growing population and serves a wide range of needs.  Long Term Care is currently projected to be serving up to 22 percent of the population of 65 years and older.  Long Term Care is provided by many different job positions and is an important service to have knowledge of, in the health care field.
Resourced from https://www.longtermcarelink.net/eldercare/long_term_care.htm.

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