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How to Stay Competitive in Today’s Job Market–Part 2

Earlier, we looked at general ways to stay competitive in today’s job market, through strengthening leadership skills, taking on new job roles, increasing cultural competency, staying knowledgeable of trends in your field and following your interests.  Particularly in the healthcare field, obtaining additional credentials and/or certifications can help you stay competitive in today’s job market.  Certifications, as defined by the dictionary, are proof of one’s competency or abilities and are issued by a third party.  They are legal documents that show your level of expertise in an area.  Certificates can come from completing a course or specific training and/or passing a certain exam.  Here are a few convincing reasons for obtaining certifications:

  • They validate your knowledge and skills.
  • Shows you as more qualified and more of an expert in your field.
  • Can build your personal confidence in your work.
  • Because of your expertise, patient trust and interest in receiving care from you may increase.
  • May show employers your dedication to your position and/or the healthcare field.
  • You can potentially bill insurance companies for more money for the service you are providing.
  • You may receive more monetary compensation from your employer, for having a certification.
  • You can learn new information about your position through obtaining a certification.
  • It may be more cost effective if you want to enter a new field of work.
  • It may take less time if you want to enter a new field of work (as opposed to getting a new degree).

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