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How to Prepare for Your Exams

Whether you are new to college or just starting a new semester or course, now is the time to start good habits of studying!  Many of us fall into bad habits of procrastination.  However, if you set a schedule for yourself each week, it will be easier for you to avoid procrastinating.  As last-minute cramming has not proven to be the most successful, here are some tips to stay on the right track this semester before your exams begin.

  1. Set aside time each week to study.  Block of a set amount of time each week to study.  This is not time to do your homework or catch up on your course.  This should be focused time to study the material you learned that week.  If you stick to this schedule, it will pay off in the end!
  2. Take notes and review them. Keep up with taking notes during your lectures.  Be as thorough as possible as you will need these to review for your exams.  During your study time read over them and look for areas that you need refreshing on.
  3. Make an outline. Start creating an outline of major topics that could be covered on an exam.  This will help you to study for your exam.
  4. Review ahead of time. A couple days before your exam, focus on reviewing all your course material including notes and reading assignments.  Often, people review in a group setting to assist each other in areas they may have missed.  Try getting a study group together with some of your peers.
  5. Ask questions. Follow up with your teacher, a teacher’s assistant or a peer for assistance if you don’t understand something.  Don’t assume that you will catch on or that you may not need the information you don’t understand.  Your teachers are there to assist you as needed.

Stay tuned for more tips to help you succeed on exam day.
Information was sourced from the Education Corner: https://www.educationcorner.com/test-preparation-tips.html

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