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How to Have A Staycation This Summer

Many people may know what a staycation is or have possibly even tried one out in past years.  A staycation is having a vacation without traveling anywhere.  A staycation could mean staying at home or renting a place and staying in your same city.  Many people choose to take a staycation because they can be cheaper than a regular vacation, but also have many additional perks.  They can be completed with shorter amounts of vacation days, you can take one any time of the year and often times you don’t have to pack!  A staycation can be a simpler version of a full vacation and here are a few simple steps to try one out:

  • Start with your budget and determine how much you can spend on your staycation.
  • Consider activities you would like to do.
  • Create a list of your top priorities and figure out how much you can spend on each area.
  • Then shop around on the internet to find the best deals.
  • Make a plan for the days you have.

Here are a few staycation ideas:

  • Try a new experience in your city. Go to a new destination, try a new restaurant or a venue.
  • Create a backyard oasis.
  • Consider renting a place. Look online for deals and options.
  • Make sure to add in some time for relaxation.
  • Plan a spa day. This could be held in your own bathroom too!
  • Have a game tournament. This could be a physical sport or a board game with your family or friends.
  • Host your own film festival.
  • Take a day trip and drive someplace new for the day.

Whatever your reasons for planning a staycation, get creative and enjoy the time you have!

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