How to Be A Good Mentor

How to Be A Good Mentor

Whether you a looking to become a mentor or find someone to mentor you in an area, it is important to know the right skills a mentor should possess.  This will allow you to get the results you are looking for and provide you with a quality mentorship experience.  In addition to being an expert in their field, a mentor should have some essential skills in order to be successful in their mentoring.  Here is a short list of some qualities of a good mentor:

  • A mentor should have sincere motives in helping someone else
  • Be compatible with you
  • Is willing to share their skills and experiences
  • Is a good listener
  • Someone who is encouraging to you
  • Sets aside time to assist you
  • Is an expert in their field
  • Is passionate about their area of interest
  • Has an ongoing interest in learning and advancement
  • You can build trust easily with them
  • Provides resources and contacts
  • Gives constructive feedback
  • Provides you with a challenge
  • Helps you to set goals
  • Celebrates achievements with you
  • Allows you to make your own decisions
  • Sets expectations at the beginning of the mentorship
  • Establishes a schedule for follow up and ongoing meetings

If you can identify these qualities in yourself as a possible mentor or in someone who you are looking to seek as a mentor, then chances are you have found a great candidate.  Keep in mind that some of these skills can be acquired and improved upon through practice.  Becoming or picking a mentor can be a once in a lifetime experience that can add quality and richness to your life!


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