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Home Health Aide Part II

Earlier this week we looked at what a home health aide is and the necessary skills that the
position requires. Now we are going to take a look at some reasons to become a home health
aide and the prerequisites.
The home health aide position, according to the Department of
Labor, is expected to grow faster than the average job. By the year 2022, the employment rate
is expected to have increased by 48 percent. Positions in this field of work are increasing
largely due to the need for additional patient care as a cause of injury, illness and old age also
increase. Nationwide, the average hourly wage is $11.46. Becoming a home health aide is a
rewarding position because it is often one on one patient interaction. Working one on one can
be an opportunity to provide comfort and possibly make a difference in a patient’s care and life.
The prerequisites of a home health aide include having a certified nurse’s aide certificate and
completing a reading test. The next step is to complete the home health aide coursework. The
home health aide course is offerehomehealthcare-iMgbkL.jpgd through We Care Online and consists of a twenty-hour course. The goal of completing the course is to have gained training and knowledge that would
allow you to provide safe and exceptional in-home personal care assistance. If you are
interested in helping make a difference in the life of a patient and enjoy working one on one,
this may be a career choice for you.
Click here to see more information about becoming a home health aide through We Care Online:
https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/kansas/home-health-aide/. Check out additional
information through the U.S. Department of Labor:

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