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Give back, Donate Blood

In the United States, every two seconds a person is in need of donated blood.  Donating blood is a safe way to help other people.  Blood is not something that can be made by man or a machine.  It is something that we have to get from each other (donors).  The American Red Cross estimates that about 6.8 million people in the United States alone donate blood each year.  However, there is an ongoing need for continuous blood donations to help people with illnesses and injuries.  Our communities depend on blood donations to supply local hospitals and health care facilities.  Blood donations can help patients who are going through surgeries, traumatic injuries or are dealing with cancer or a chronic illness.  Due to the growing demands of our population and our healthcare conditions, blood donation needs are always on the rise.  June 14th is recognized around the world as blood donor day.  Here are some ways to get involved in blood donor day on or around June 14th, 2020:

  • Connect with your community and find a local donation center and donate today.
  • Help spread the word to your friends and family about June 14th.
  • Find a local blood donation event in your community and get involved. There are many ways to volunteer and get connected in future blood donation events.

Taking part in the world blood donor day doesn’t mean you are required to give blood.  There are many other ways to get connected and help others in your community and around the world.  Click here for more information on donating blood and on world blood donor day (information was sourced from the following websites):

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