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Food Safety 101

Preparing, cooking and storing food can all influence the safety of the food we eat.  Food safety is necessary to avoid illness and harm.  Anyone can get sick from spoiled food, but it is also very preventable by taking necessary food safety steps.  Here are a few considerations to ensuring your food safety when preparing, cooking and storing your own food.

  1. Preparation: Start with a clean cooking environment and clean hands. Clean off your cooking surface and any cooking utensils you plan to use.  Properly wash all the fruits and vegetables you may be using.  Be considerate of keeping any meat you may be using in the refrigerator until ready to cook.  Also keep any raw food separate from cooked food and not exposed to other elements.
  2. Cooking: Using your clean utensils and cooking space for your food, also use a special cutting board and knives for any raw meat.  Make sure to wash them after use and do not reuse them without first washing with soap and warm water.  When cooking food and meat, utilize a thermometer to ensure food is reaching the appropriate cooked temperature.  Not all food can be determined as cooked by just looking at it.
  3. Storing: the final stage of food safety is storing the food appropriately. Make sure to use a sealed container to keep food fresh.  Place food in a refrigerator within 2 hours of cooking or getting from a restaurant or store.

Following these steps of preparing, cooking and storing food can help to avoid any food contaminations and keep your food fresh.

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