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Feelings of Fall

What do you think of when someone says the fall season? Fall can represent leaves falling, cooler weather, certain foods and drinks, warmer clothing, outdoor activities, and so much more! Taking the time to enjoy your favorite parts of fall can bring about feelings of joy, peacefulness and contentment.  Fall can also make you feel comforted and grounded.  The fall season for many people is associated with good memories, including some fall activities or traditions. Fall can be a very nostalgic time for some.  What are your fall traditions?
If perhaps fall is not associated with all good feelings, it can be a season this year to start something new.   Fall can represent change as we move from the summer months into the winter months.  Before we head into the winter season, there is a full season ahead to prepare for the winter and take advantage of all that fall has to offer us.  Whether it is cleaning out the house, or yard or the big stacks of paper on your counter, fall can be viewed as a season of change.  Perhaps the season of change could be internal, by reflecting on yourself and areas within that you would like to work on.
Despite the changing circumstances around us, focus on maintaining your fall traditions or starting some new ones this year.  Help spread good feelings of fall to those around you at your workplace, school, or among your family and friends.  Embrace your feelings of fall and enjoy this next season ahead!

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