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Employee Health and Fitness Month

The month of May is dedicated to promoting the health and fitness of employees across our world.  What does health and fitness mean to you?  To some it can mean playing sports or exercising. To others it could include the food you eat and the lifestyle you live.  Simply put, the goal of this month is to promote any activities that are healthy and active.  Health and fitness are important in our workplace because they help to promote the well-being and overall job satisfaction of all employees. Living healthier lives is something we can all agree that we hope to achieve.  Whether you are working from home or at your place of work, there are activities you can take part in to participate this month.  Here are a few ideas of team building activities to try:

  • Weekly fitness challenge
  • Recipe exchange event
  • Cooking challenge
  • Starting a new hobby
  • Habit-building challenge
  • Mindfulness challenge

You can make these challenges exciting for you and your team by promoting prizes or awards for everyone at the end of the month.  Your health and fitness challenges can be done as a team or at an individual pace.  Here are a few necessary questions to consider when planning your health and fitness promotion:

  • How can I challenge myself this month?
  • How can I challenge my coworkers or peers?
  • What can I do in my workplace or home to newly promote health and fitness this month?

Get creative with yourself and your coworkers this month and set healthy challenges for yourselves!  Here is the link for more information about Global employee health and fitness month and for additional resources:

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