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Downtime Work Activities

Depending on your position, the season of the year, or perhaps your stage in school, downtime can come up.  For some, downtime is more regular and for others it is a rare occurrence.  Usually there is not a lot of direction given by employers or schools on how to handle your downtime.  What do you think of first to get done when you have a break?  Downtime can be used to your advantage to either further you in your job or school, or it could simply be a good break from the ordinary.  Here are a few ideas to get you started in your downtime.

  • Help out a coworker or peer. If you know someone else needs help, reach out and offer your assistance.
  • Double check the work you have completed. Make sure all of your work is accurate and that you are submitting your best.
  • Organize your work/school space. Dust and clean off your workspace and remove any clutter that may have accumulated.
  • Work on a project that you might have put off. There is no better time than now, to tackle what you might have been avoiding.
  • Ask your boss or teacher for more work. Why not see if you can get further ahead or perhaps start another side project.
  • Take the time to study about a particular subject to benefit your work or school. Use your downtime to further your knowledge about a work or school related interest.

Remember downtime can be a great opportunity to get ahead in your work or studies.  Take some of these ideas and prioritize which would benefit you the most and which one(s) you have time for.

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