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Customer Service Tip of The Week

One of the top customer service skills one can acquire is patience.  Patience is defined in the dictionary as being able to wait for a long time without becoming upset.  In most fields of work and especially within the healthcare field, patience is necessary.  Being equipped with patience allows you to provide the best possible care to patients and to encourage them in their recovery.
Today, patients have a choice in their healthcare and can choose from multiple doctors, pharmacies, clinics and even healthcare plans.  Therefore, patience is very important in practicing good customer service.  Patience shows the customer that you value their concerns and are taking the time to understand their issues.  When practicing patience in customer service, it can be challenging because the person you are dealing with is most likely presenting their emotions of frustration, anger, etc.  It can therefore be tempting to want to counter their feelings with similar emotions.  However, that will not get you anywhere in providing excellent customer service skills or coming to an agreement.  Practicing patience can allow any judgment to be put aside in order for an appropriate decision to be made.  Patience is a skill that can be approved upon with practice and there are things you can do to extend your patience.
Try taking a few deep breathes and thinking about your words before responding.  Slow down and take your time before jumping into something.  Sometimes taking a step away and coming back later can be helpful.  Or try counting to 10 in your head.
Challenge yourself this week by practicing patience in your customer service!

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