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Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment

Sleep is an important part of our health and optimizing the hours we get is even more essential. Creating and maintaining the perfect sleep environment is part of ensuring we are getting a good night sleep. There are many factors that can disrupt our night sleep, but having a perfect environment can contribute to our sleep success. Have you looked at or considered what your sleep environment is like each night? There are elements that can be out of our control if we share a space, rent, are transient, etc. However there are some ideas that you can try to incorporate in your space regardless. Start with decluttering your space. Make your bed and area of sleep free of laundry, books, and any unnecessary items that you do not need to sleep. A perfect sleep environment is also free from disrupting noise. You can utilize a white noise machine to block out any noise, use earplugs and silence your phone or devices from alerts. It is also beneficial to sleep in a dark room. Look at the light that is entering your sleep area and try to block it out. Whether it is with room darkening curtains, closing a door or simply putting on an eye mask. If you can control your room temperature, find the ideal temperature for your body. Explore what clothing and bedding is right to keep you comfortable all night long. How you prepare your space for sleep and how it is maintained can be important to achieving the perfect sleep environment, try one or all of these tonight!

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