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Restorative Aide course is for Certified Nurses’ Aides (CNA’s) who want additional training in caring for people in long-term care facilities. The course is designed to teach you how to work with others and maintain and/or improve their functioning. This can include the elderly or people that are recovering from an injury or surgery. You will learn the parts of restorative care which can include aging and disability, anatomy, how a rehabilitation unit works, necessary equipment, interacting with others and so much more.

A restorative aide works under the guidance of a therapist and together they help foster recovery for individuals. If you currently working or are interested in working at a long-term care facility, this course is a great way to expand your CNA degree and build your resume. A restorative aide is a meaningful position that can help bring independence back to an individual and gain skills again that were lost.

Restorative aide jobs are on the rise and in demand. Here is the link to our Restorative Aide course. Our course is offered every month and consists of 32 clock hours. The course is available to access any time of the day. Follow this link for more information: Click Here

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