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Certified Nurse Aide Part 2

Earlier this week we explored what a certified nurse aide is, and what the necessary skills are.  Here is a closer look at the job requirements and job outlook of a certified nurse aide.  These are important to be aware of if you are considering this career or are interested in additional information.Certified-Nurse1-229x300-0LcUZH.jpg
Job Requirements for Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide
Many programs require a high school diploma or GED.  Through We Care Online, there are no additional prerequisites to taking the course.  The course includes 45 hours of online learning and 45 hours in lab/clinical.  After the course is completed, you must complete the certification exam.  Both course requirements and exams vary by state, so please make sure to check with your training program.  After obtaining a certified nurse aide license, it is then valid for 24 months.  In addition to certification, many positions require vaccinations, CPR/First Aid certification and a valid ID.
Certified Nurse Aide Job Outlook
The job outlook of a certified nurse aide is bright! The need for this position within the healthcare system is expected to increase 11 percent by 2026.  This is faster than the average position within the United States.  The average pay in 2017 was $13.23 per hour.  As with most healthcare positions, the demand for skilled individuals to assist the aging population as well as to assist with the medical needs of a large population is ever growing.
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