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Building Self-esteem in Children

These days with social media and technology kids are experiencing so many more obstacles in terms of body image and self-esteem.  self-esteem is the confidence one has in their own worth or abilities.  Self-esteem is formed starting in infancy and develops throughout one’s life.  It can grow just like children grow, through doing things, learning things and trying things.  Self-esteem is important because it helps one cope with mistakes and gives one the confidence to try new things.  It also helps children have a healthy self-image and view others in a healthy way too.  Children with self-esteem are confident and think good things about who they are and their abilities.  Self-esteem affects a children at home, at school and in their relationships with friends.  Low self-esteem can result in a child lacking confidence, or thinking less of them self, or doubting their future performance.  Each child is unique and may develop self-esteem in a different way and/or at a different rate.  Here is a list of some ways to help build self-esteem in your child:

  • Tell them their worth.
  • Help them learn new things.
  • Support their uniqueness.
  • Compliment them (give specifics not flattery).
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Demonstrate understanding and acceptance.
  • Provide a positive learning environment.
  • Help them practice their favorite activities.
  • Let them help around the house.
  • Help them set realistic goals.
  • Encourage them in their strengths.
  • Encourage them to notice strengths and qualities of other people.
  • Demonstrate a healthy self-image to your children.

Building self-esteem is a continuous task that is important to the well-being of any child.  A parent or role model can play an important role in this task.  For more information about building self-esteem in children, click here:

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