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5 Ways To Stop Burnout Today!

As we just explored what burnout is and how it can be impacting your well being, here are 5 ways to fight back and stop burnout in your life today:

  1. Recognize your main stressors. Focus on pinpointing what is causing you the most stress at school or work. Is it the amount of work, or the time, or a certain assignment? Once you identify the main stressor(s) you can work to decrease either your reaction to the stress or your approach, through coming up with a solution. Try talking with your boss or teachers for ideas as well.
  2. Prioritize you. It is so easy to get wrapped up in work or school that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Pay attention to your own needs before you can be productive in taking care of others or things around you.
  3. Take breaks. Working or going to class and studying all day are not healthy without taking breaks. You should be taking your lunch break or even 10 minutes a few times of the day to think about other things and relax.
  4. Exercise and eat right. With most things, without exercising to relieve some of your stress and eating right to build up energy, you will find your day to be more challenging. Focus on exercising weekly and eating right daily.
  5. Take a vacation. It seems that many people these days work year round and don’t use their vacation time. You have it, so why not use it. Vacation is important to recharge and focus on setting goals for yourself for the rest of the year. It can be a time to relax and spend time doing the things you enjoy or time spent with family or friends. Take a trip or try just a few days off at home.

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