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5 Signs Of Burnout

First, burnout is a real thing. Burnout is defined in the dictionary as mental or physical collapse caused by overwork or stress.  Burnout is a result of experiencing chronic stress and not coping with it properly, or not having the resources to cope with it.  Have you been feeling overly stressed to the point where you are feeling burnt out at work or with school? It is important to understand what burnout is, its signs, and what you can do to alleviate it. If you ignore the signs of burnout it can lead to problems at work or school and can leak into your relationships and negatively impact your mental well-being.  Here are 5 signs of burnout:

  1. You are tired all the time. Maybe you feel exhausted all-day, everyday, and the amount of sleep you are getting is no longer adequate. This could be a sign of burnout.


  1. You are easily irritated. Maybe certain things at work or in your schoolwork are starting to bother you more than they used to. Maybe you don’t get up each morning excited to start your day.


  1. You have no motivation. Maybe the things that used to be easy to complete or to volunteer for seem less desirable. Certain activities may take more energy and require more effort to complete.

  1. You are having trouble separating work from your life. Are you thinking about work or school on your time off or ruminating about certain things?  Does your life include spending adequate time enjoying the things you love?


  1. You are having health problems. High amounts of stress can impact your health in a negative way.  This can include weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and more.

After recognizing these signs, it is important to know that there are actions you can take to live a balanced life and avoid burnout.  Stay tuned for 5 ways to stop burnout today!!

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