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5 Reminders for Good Mental Health 

Having good mental health is important to feeling well overall.  Your mental health can impact your physical health, your relationships, your self-view, your mood, your thinking and so much more.  Sometimes mental health problems are not noticed until significant symptoms are present.  Maintaining good mental health is taking care of yourself and putting in effort on good and bad days. Mental health can be maintained and improved up through consistent efforts and practices.  Having good mental health can mean more than just thinking good thoughts.  It takes making real steps to promote good health.  Here are some important reminders you can take to maintain good mental health:
Reminder #1. Share your feelings with someone who cares.  It is important to open up to those around you that you are close with and tell them what is going on with you.
Reminder #2.  Eat well and exercise.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for good mental health.  Your physical health can greatly impact your mental health.
Reminder #3.  De stress.  Making time to work off your stress each day is important.  Whether you exercise, or read a book, or play out in the yard with your dog, focus on activities that help calm you down.
Reminder #4.  Stay thankful.  Through the good and bad times, it is important to not only remain thankful for what you have but to practice telling yourself what you are thankful for.  This will help you to always appreciate what you have.
Reminder #5.  Recharge.  Take some time each week to rest and recharge yourself so that you are ready to go for the next week.
Click here for the source and for additional tips: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/women-s-mental-health-matters/201510/9-ways-you-can-improve-your-mental-health-today%3famp

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