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5 Approaches to Study Less and Retain More

In a world where people are looking to spend less time on events but achieve better outcomes, it is helpful to learn additional ways we can be more efficient.

It is final exam season and a time where competency and proficiency are essential.  It seems to be an imperative skill, but most of us were never taught how to study or ways to study more productively.  Rather we were given homework and an exam or paper and were expected to retain the information and perform it in a final assessment.
The good news is that it is not too late to learn some innovative ways to study and retain information.  After all, retaining information and utilizing it is a lifelong skill that is necessary for success in many careers.  Let us take a look at some approaches identified by a professor from Pierce College.

  1. Appoint a study spot. Name one area your “study area” and only study there.  Avoid studying in areas where you eat or sleep or watch television.  This will help you associate your area with studying and help get you into focus.
  2. Study in 25-30 minute intervals. Study for a bit and then take a break.  Your brain works better in intervals and will retain the information you are learning more competently. 
  3. Take excellent notes. Believe it or not there are ways to take useful notes and then there are bad notes.  Learn what works for you and in a style that is easy for you to review and re-learn from.
  4. Quiz yourself. Don’t just spent time reviewing your notes.  Try taking a practice test or creating questions based on the information you are reviewing.
  5. Perform your own lecture on the material you’re learning. Most say that if you can teach someone else the information you have successfully retained it.  Try having a study group and taking turns teaching someone else.

For the complete lecture and more studying tips, visit the following link: https://lifehacker.com/study-less-study-smart-the-best-ways-to-retain-more-1683362205.  Good luck on your finals and have a great end of the semester!

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