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25 Positive Thoughts

If you are working on your positivity, speaking words of affirmation to yourself is a great tool.  Speaking positive words to yourself or reading them off on a consistent basis is a great way to promote and increase your positive thoughts.  The more you surround yourself with positivity, it is easier to join to it.  Eventually, these statements can become your own positive thoughts.  Try posting some positive statements around your home or workplace where you struggle with negativity.  You can read them when you first start your day and when you end.  Eventually after reading them consistently, you can memorize them and use them when you are struggling with negativity.  Here is a sample list of 25 positivity statements to make to yourself each day:

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am unique.
  3. I am worthy.
  4. I am strong.
  5. I am capable.
  6. I am a friend.
  7. I am giving.
  8. I believe in myself.
  9. I am talented.
  10. I am capable of amazing things.
  11. I am loving of others.
  12. I am inspired and inspiring of others.
  13. I am receptive and open.
  14. I am caring and compassionate.
  15. I am courageous.
  16. I can be a positive change.
  17. I can dream of a future.
  18. I can be successful.
  19. I will learn from my mistakes.
  20. I am not giving up.
  21. I can be a listener.
  22. I treat myself with care.
  23. I am proud of who I am.
  24. I am trusted.
  25. I can achieve my goals.

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