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10 Ways to Reduce Your Stress

Stress management is a large part of taking care of yourself.  We all encounter stressors in our lives and for some, we can experience them daily.  The important part about battling the stress is learning to deal with it properly.  Without healthy stress management tools, bad habits can be formed that aren’t helpful in coping with stress long-term.  Here is a list of 10 ways to try to reduce your stress today:

  1. Focus on getting in a short exercise each day or several longer ones throughout the week. Exercise can be going for a walk, hitting the gym or playing a sport.
  2. Practice your breathing exercises or meditation can be helpful. Try lying in a quiet place and focusing some time on your relaxation.
  3. Read a book. Try getting out of your stressful thoughts and read a book for pleasure.
  4. Share it with someone you trust. For some people, talking about your stressors can be a helpful tool to reducing your stress about it.
  5. Garden or work in your yard. Take some of your built-up energy out on your yard. Pulling some weeds and planting new things can be great for your stress.
  6. Work on a hobby. Spending time doing something you love and a project you’ve started can be a great and fun way to reduce your stress.
  7. Take a relaxing bath. For some, a warm relaxing bath can be just the right tool to reducing their stress.
  8. Spend time cleaning. Get out your gloves and cleaning products and clean an area of your home.
  9. Listen to music. Calming music can be a great tool to help you unwind and de-stress.
  10. Spend time with people you love. Being around others can be just what some people need to help ease the stress and anxiety.


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