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10 Ways to Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

We’ve all done it before, overeating during the Holiday Season is easy to do.  We have work parties, school celebrations, family and friend gatherings and many occasions where holiday sweets and treats are rampant.  It can seem like there are delicious holiday desserts and foods everywhere we turn.  However, at the end of the season we might have pushed aside our end of the year health goals, gained weight or gotten sick as a result of our overeating.  Going into the holiday season with a plan for staying healthy and considering your food consumption is essential.  Here are 10 ways to plan ahead and avoid overeating this Holiday Season:

  1. Get a small plate. It is easier to not eat as much when you don’t have room for it on your plate.
  2. Don’t go into a party starving. Eat some healthy food ahead of time.  This will prevent you from overeating and wanting to consume everything in front of you.
  3. Manage your stress. Consuming what we want can be caused by Holiday stress and our environment.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Drinking enough water any time of the year is important for good health.
  5. Keep up with your exercising. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can help you to not overeat.
  6. Get enough sleep each night.
  7. Be conscious of what you are eating. Thinking about what you are eating will help remind your body to eat healthy and in moderation.
  8. Don’t sample everything, pick your favorites. Stick to your favorite holiday treats or one or two you might enjoy, versus eating some of everything.
  9. Eat your holiday treat slowly. Enjoy it and savor it.
  10. Don’t go back for a second plate of food.

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