Are Women Really Colder Than Men?

Are Women Really Colder Than Men?

cold_times_girl It’s one of those awful cliches, women are always cold, while men suffer silently while living in overheated houses. Now according to a new study, we women are vindicated; we do get colder than men!

Women are always cold for a reason

The reason why women are always cold is dependent on different factors, including body fat ratio, where women are in their menstrual cycle, and just plain old evolutionary development.

Women when compared to men have a higher body fat ratio, while men have more muscles. Fat is better at retaining heat, and muscles are better at expending heat, meaning men cool down faster and more comfortably than women. This is also connected to the different metabolism rates of women and men; men feel more comfortable in cool air than women because their bodies expel heat better.

Something which also adds to women feeling the cold more than men is that our hands and feet are roughly 3°F colder. Just think back to a time when you crawled into bed and your feet just wouldn’t get warm, even though the rest of your body might have been just warm enough, you feel miserable because your feet are cold. We have evolution to thank for that. Women’s blood vessels constrict more drastically than men’s when we are somewhere cold, which turns our hands and feet into popsicles. No use trying to get warm when your hands and feet are slowly turning you into Jack Frost.

Another reason why women are colder than men has to do with hormones. Our core temperature varies with regards to where we are in the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy and the pill are also factors which causes our temperature to fluctuate. According to this 2001 study women who are on the pill have a higher core body temperature than women who are not.

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