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Winter Walking Tips

Winter Walking Tips

There are countless benefits to walking as a form of exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking can help your body by strengthening bones and muscles, increasing energy levels, improving memory and sleep, maintaining a healthy weight or even losing fat in your body and more. There has been new research done that also encourages walking specifically in the winter months. Harvard Health mentions that winter walking can boost endurance, and increase fat burning. Now that you know the benefits of walking, specifically in the winter, here are a few tips to make the most of your walking:

  • Check the forecast before heading out so that you know what you are walking Inspect your walking conditions before committing to a walk.
  • Make sure to wear the appropriate walking gear for the temperature and weather condition. Wearing layers as well as waterproof items can help protect your body from the cold.
  • Pick the right shoes for the weather condition. Make sure your shoes have good traction and consider walking poles to help provide balance.
  • Keep good walking form even in cold Head should be up, shoulders relaxed and rolled back to allow good posture. Keep your arms moving in a swinging motion. Walk correctly on your feet from heels to toes.

As with any form of exercise or changes in your routine, consult with your healthcare provider about what is best for you.

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