What Your Body Language Says About You

What Your Body Language Says About You

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and without them saying anything you could sense the mood they were in?  Or maybe you made an assumption about this person based on how they were presenting?  Our body language can say a lot for us, without us even opening our mouth.  Things like our eyes, our hands, our posture and our facial expressions can show a lot about what we are communicating.  Similar to our languages, body language as a whole, is not universal.  However, certain types of body language such as facial expressions can be more universal to everyone.  For example, a smile can show a positive feeling and can be associated with pleasure or kindness.  Learning the art of body language can be tricky because it is not universal and can therefore take practice.  Understanding your culture and its body language is important to understanding more about the people you interact with as well as what people perceive about you.

  • Eye contact–maintaining good eye contact can mean someone is paying attention.
  • Facial expression–biting your lips can signal worry or stress.
  • Hand gestures–clenching your fists can mean anger.
  • Posture–keeping your body exposed shows your openness. Keeping yourself closed off can show hostility or anxiety.
  • Speed of speech–talking too fast can show nervousness.

Knowing your own body language and what it can mean to other people can greatly increase your communication skills.  Understanding how you are communicating on a verbal and nonverbal level are both necessary to having effective communication.



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