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What Are Immunizations?

In celebration of immunization awareness month for August, here is a look at what immunizations are, why they are given and their importance.
What are immunizations?  Immunization is a process that protects one’s body, or immune system against harmful elements that could enter.  Mostly these include diseases that we could come in contact with.  Immunizations help develop one’s immune system and help it to grow stronger.
Why do people get immunizations?  Immunizations date back to hundreds of years ago and they have continued to evolve as diseases change and new one’s form.  Immunizations help promote health in ourselves and in others.  They can help prevent one from getting a disease altogether or lessen the disease.  It is important to continue immunizations for diseases until they are completely eliminated.
How are immunizations administered?  Immunizations are most frequently given as vaccinations.  Vaccinations can be given by injection, orally, or puncture.  Today, vaccines are considered very safe and in the United States and there is a safety system in place to help ensure that they remain safe.
Who gets immunizations?  There are immunizations for certain age groups, including children, adults and elderly adults.  There are also specific immunizations available for travelers, health care providers, people with specific conditions, racial and ethnic populations and more.
Help promote immunizations this month in your healthcare setting, school, workplace and more.  For more information on immunizations and helpful toolkits to promoting immunization month, check out the National Public Health Information Coalition below.  Information for this blog was also sourced from their website:

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