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Wellness Month

The month of August is celebrated by national wellness month.  Wellness is pursuing overall good health. This can include your physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing.  Wellness can be unique to each person and can change throughout our lives.  Wellness is important for everyone because it can lead to a long and healthy life.  Wellness activities can happen at home, work, school, in your community and many more places!  You have the ability to define your own wellness.  Take some time to ask yourself what your current wellness is and where you might like to improve it.

  • Here are some questions you can ask yourself to challenge and promote your own wellness:
    • How do you practice wellness?
    • What do you enjoy about your wellness practices?
    • Do you have any goals for improving your wellness?
    • What is working well and what might not be working with your wellness plan?
    • What role does fitness and/or healthy eating play in your wellness?

If you are looking to change your current wellness activities, there are endless options of things you can try.  Wellness can be a fun activity to try by yourself, with a friend, with your coworkers and/or classmates.

  • Here is a list of wellness activities to try:
    • Create a wellness challenge at your workplace or school
    • Start a fitness challenge
    • Set aside time to rest
    • Host a healthy cooking class
    • Practice good hydration
    • Listen to music
    • Take breaks in your work/study

Take the wellness challenge this August and spread the word about wellness in your community!
(Please consult with your healthcare provider for any concerns before changing your health and/or diet).

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