WeCareOnline October Staff Highlight: Lynn Cline


WeCareOnline October Staff Highlight: Lynn Cline

This month you get to meet Lynn Cline. 

Lynn has worked in the healthcare field for 32 years. As a child and growing up, she always enjoyed being a caregiver and knew that being a nurse is what she wanted to do for her career. Lynn began working LTC as a teenager, worked for a period of time as a CNA, then continued her education and became an RN.

The majority of Lynn’s work in the healthcare field has been in acute care, working as a Registered Nurse. She has also worked as Director of Nursing in LTC and in Home Care. Lynn is a certified Risk Manager and certified CQI manager for both acute and LTC.  Lynn has a KDADS approval to teach the following courses:   Certified Nurse Aide, Social Service Designee, Activity Director,  Home Health AideMedication Aide and also teaches continuing education for these positions. Lynn’s specialty is in adult education for health care workers in LTC.

Lynn is married and lives with her husband in Tucson, AZ.  The Clines have 2 adult children and several grandchildren. When she is not working Lynn loves to travel every chance she gets. She loves to just get out, drive and find beautiful new places.  
Lynn has learned that working in healthcare is a lot of hard work, sadness, and joy but states, “the work satisfaction you get is worth it all.” Lynn notes that there have been many, many changes over her years in the healthcare profession.  In spite of these changes, Lynn states one goal has remained a constant.  That goal is one of being an advocate for patients and the desire to give them the best care physically, mentally and spiritually possible.

Everyone at WeCareOnline plays an important role in helping students have the best online learning experience possible.   Lynn is the founder and owner of WeCareOnline.  She loves teaching and teaches several WCO classes. Since WeCareOnline is an online company, Lynn knows that people don’t get to see her face to face or to see her workspace.  She says that you would see her with a coffee cup in her hand and  seated in her recliner with laptop in hand talking to staff and students. Lynn states:  “It’s a blast working from home!”

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