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WeCareOnline June Staff Highlight – Cindy Gaschler

This month we get to meet Cindy Gaschler.  

Cindy has worked in the healthcare field for 15 years. She began her career as a CNA, then completed her LPN, and continued with an ADN degree.  She functioned as a Long Term Care charge nurse, Inpatient Rehabilitation nurse, MDS Coordinator, and Director of Nursing.  

Following this she re-enrolled in college to obtain a BSN while performing duties of Human Resources, Staff Development Coordinator, Risk Management, Health Information Management, and Senior Living Manager. She is a certified clinical instructor for the state of Kansas for Certfied Nurse Aide,Certified Med Aide, Activity Director and Social Service Designee. 

She is married with 3 children and lives in a rural area 10 miles from the nearest town. Cindy enjoys the outdoors. She has horses, dogs, too many cats, and an enormous garden that always wants attention.

With her years of experience in the heath care field, Cindy believes that it is best to focus on the person. Before you help the person, take the time to enjoy him or her without distraction.

Cindy feels blessed to have the ability to work with students both online teaching the Activity Director and Social Service Designee courses and face to face during their clinical experience in Kansas. She also enjoys networking with more northern states online and by phone.  She assists with enrollments, invoicing, and basic technical issues.  She also works with marketing and directs new users in the services available through WeCareOnline.

The biggest change she has seen in the health care industry has been the shift from direct care to documentation. This also correlates with the shift to electronic documentation over paper charting.

On Cindy’s desk, the one item that would be noticed without fail is her pencil sharpener. Her children felt an office is not complete without an electric pencil sharpener with the widest variety of color, foil, and decorated pencils ever noted from any party store!  (She never gets to use it because they do not allow her the opportunity to experience a dull pencil.  They are dutifully sharpened by one or all of them daily whether needed or not.)

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