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Tuition Reimbursement for April



She will be getting a refund from us soon. You could be next!
“Hi, I am Emily. I am an 18 year old who is certified as an EMT and works at our local hospital. I live in a small town and spend my time volunteering my time for my community, ride motocross, and love spending time with my family. When I was 16, I  got involved in EMS. This was during my Junior year of high school and was pretty difficult. When my friends were off playing sports, I was at our city building working on getting my EMR license. In the beginning of my Senior year, I wanted to continue my education and took the EMT course. EMS is something that I am very passionate about. Next year I plan on attending college and taking the Paramedic course. When I become certified as a Paramedic, I will then be able to pursue my dream job of working with Eagle Med. I am thrilled that I will be getting reimbursed from this course so I can set that money back to further my education. I believe that after I become a Paramedic, I will not quit continuing my education. I am always looking for ways to further my education and I thought that this course helped me further my education so I can help people in different ways.” -Emily.
Students registered for a Nurse Aide course will automatically be placed in a monthly drawing to win reimbursement of their course tuition. The monthly drawings will choose one student to win a reimbursement.
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Remember, before you can win, you have to register and pay for a Nurse Aide course – See our course catalog Click Here.
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