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Top 10 Reasons to Get Things Organized This Year

Organization does not come easy for everyone.  If you ever struggle with organizing or finding the motivation to stay organized, this posting is for you.  Maybe you are like me, one area gets all of my attention and is super organized, but other areas can then be lacking.  Let’s start with some reasons for us to get organized this year.  Not only is January the beginning of the year and a chance for a fresh start, but it is also known as the ‘get organized’ month.  Here are 10 great reasons to start organizing this year:

  1. You will spend less time looking for misplaced items.
  2. Your area will be less cluttered. Whether it is your desk, or garage or bedroom, getting organized can reduce clutter and mess.
  3. Your space will be more attractive and inviting when it is organized.
  4. You can have more space for storage or other items when areas are organized.
  5. Your space is then easier to clean. With the clutter and mess gone, areas that were harder to clean or not cleaned as often are now accessible.
  6. Less items will get lost if you have a place for them and are diligent with returning them to their place.
  7. Being organized can reduce your stress. Working or living in an unorganized space can be stressful without you knowing it.
  8. You can be more productive. Being organized allows you to focus on the things that you really need to focus on, such as work or time with family, instead of on the mess.
  9. You can be more efficient. Tasks can pile up without proper organization.
  10. Organization can improve your time management.

Next, we will look at some tips to getting and staying organized at home and at school/work.  Stay tuned!

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