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Tips to Staying on Task

Each day we face many distractions in our environments and things that can pull us away from our task at hand.  Whether you are a student or working or a combination of both, staying on task throughout the day can be a challenge.  Staying on task can be about improving your work/school performance.  Task management, as it is known, can also be an important skill if you have many different tasks to complete each day or find yourself facing many distractions. Without these skills work can get interrupted and take a lot longer to accomplish than necessary.  Here are some simple tips that can help you to stay on your current task:
Tip #1.  Use a timer or clock to measure out how much time you are spending on each activity.  This can help you with getting current tasks done and planning future tasks.
Tip #2.  Create a list of things you need to get done.  Having a running list that you can look at and check off things when you accomplish them and add new items can be very beneficial.
Tip #3.  Take breaks.  It can be easier to focus with a fresh start and some rest in between activities.
Tip #4.  Put away distractions.  If your phone is a distraction put it out of site and silence it.  If your environment is the distraction, try relocating to an area you can focus or put in ear plugs or headphones with music.
Tip #5.  Focus on one task at a time.  Don’t try to tackle your whole day at once.  Pace it out and schedule it with enough time that you won’t be stressed out or pressured to get your tasks done.
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