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In the business world, timeliness refers to when something is expected to be available and when it is actually available.  Timeliness is a very important aspect of providing great clinical care and customer service in the healthcare system.  It demonstrates that you care and respect the person you are caring for and that you prioritize them.  It can also show that you provide excellent customer service and commitment.  Timeliness builds trust between people and can build working relationships.  In our busy world, timeliness is valued by most people and is something that keeps people coming back for care.  As someone working to provide timely service, setting deadlines, creating schedules, prioritizing tasks and focusing on one task at a time can all help.  When timeliness of something guaranteed is delayed, being transparent about the setback can provide some reassurance to your customer that you know what is going on.  It is also helpful to reassure the person that you will keep them updated and informed as the process continues.  Apologizing for a lack of timeliness can also go a long way in keeping customers engaged in their care.  Timeliness is something that many people and businesses work very hard to achieve and improve upon.  If you are part of a company or are providing any type of service, keeping timeliness in the forefront of your mind and delivery of care will lead you to success.

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