Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

Earlier this week we looked at some ways to start preparing for your exams.  If you are already facing exams or you have taken some and are looking to succeed in the remainder of your course, here are a few tips to improve your test taking skills.

  1. Arrive early for your exam. Focus on relaxing in your exam spot and on your exam.  Whether you are taking your exam online or in person, set aside time before your exam to mentally prepare yourself.  You may be able to ask any last-minute questions as well.
  2. Come prepared. Bring any school supplies you may need to take your exam.  Consider bringing water.  Make sure to use the restroom before entering your exam.
  3. Pay attention to your exam instructions. Listen to the person providing your exam so that you do not miss any important information.  Make sure to read any instructions on your exam carefully.
  4. Look through your exam. If possible, flip through your exam to determine its length and then think about how much time you will have for each section.  You don’t want to focus too much time on one area and not have time to complete your exam.
  5. Stay positive. If you come across questions you don’t know, make your best guess and move on.  Focus on the easy questions first.  If you have time at the end of your exam, you can return to the questions you were unsure of.
  6. Look for clues and go with your gut. Often times if two answers are similar, neither are correct.  Pay attention to questions and answers that are grammatically matched.  Those are likely to be correct, versus two that are unmatched.  And lastly, if you are unsure, go with the first impression you had.


Information was sourced from the Education Corner: https://www.educationcorner.com/test-preparation-tips.html


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