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Staying Connected

Many health conditions can be battled alongside the connections we have with one another.  In our healthcare system today, we currently work together on disease prevention, discovering new treatments, providing health care and so much more.  However, for many individual people, dealing with certain health conditions and symptoms alone can be challenging.  Despite having natural supports, some people still feel like they are alone in their suffering.  It is important to connect with other people who can relate to us.  Many health conditions are fought by others around the world and we can find comfort alongside others who are dealing with the same health concerns.  Connecting with other people can be a great source of help.  The more we connect and work together we can become successful in our health goals.  Whether you have an established support group or are looking to start one, there are so many resources available to expand your connections.  Here are a few ways you can stay connected with others about your health:

  • Check with your healthcare provider for groups or local resources related to your health.
  • Look for an online support group. There are many available online supports for various health conditions.
  • Reach out to your community for additional supports. Find out what your community is focused on and make some new connections.
  • Start your own support group. If you cannot find an established support for your health, start up a new group and invite others to join you.
  • Keep your friends and/or family involved in your health.

Do you have other ways you connect with your health community? Help share the resources you have gathered with those around you.

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