Spring into Better Health

Spring into Better Health

It is officially the spring season!
Springtime is the sign that the winter months are over and warmer weather is on the way. Now that the weather is beginning to change, people often have cravings to spend more time outdoors. Spring is a symbol of regrowth and new beginnings. Therefore, it can be a time of the year that new goals
are made or old ones are restarted. Exercise and health are important and can also be fun because of the nicer weather. So whether you have felt cooped up indoors or are looking for ways to be more active, here is a list of some ways to get active outdoors.
Most of these activities are not typical workout activities but they promote activity and
health. They can also allow you to enjoy the change in weather and get you active
 Go for a walk
 Do some yard work
 Plant a garden
 Outside sports (such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, baseball, golf
and more)
 Go to a park
 Ride a bike
 Go on a hike
 Play catch
 Roller skate and/or skateboard
 Play frisbee
 Fly a kite
 Go camping
 Spring clean your house, shed, car, etc.
 Do some outdoor home repairs
As with any type of new physical activity or exercise, check with your healthcare provider if you
have any restrictions or concerns before starting any of these. Start enjoying your spring by
trying new activities or restarting old favorites. Any of these activities can help promote activity
which leads to better health. Here are a few sources of some additional tips for getting healthy
this spring:
o https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.byjasco.com/tips-for-setting-health-goals-
o https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/infographic/healthy-spring.htm
o http://time.com/5221500/spring-clean-health-tips/

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