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Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring cleaning originally started in regions where the winter months brought dirt and dust from warming fireplaces and closed doors.  Once the fires were not needed, the house could be opened and cleaned out for the spring and summer months.  Spring cleaning is still a tradition today, despite many of us not owning fireplaces.  It is still important to dust off the winter months and prepare your home for the new season ahead.  It is a chance to start fresh and clean.  For some, spring cleaning, including decluttering your space, has mental health benefits as well.  Spring cleaning is a symbol of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as well as having a fresh beginning to the new season.  The great thing about spring cleaning is you can define and decide what to clean.  Spring cleaning should start with taking a look through your home and making a list of what needs cleaning the most and include areas that have not been touched in a while.  If you are a spring-cleaning expert, challenge yourself this year and get into something you have not done in a while, or maybe have been putting off.  If you are new to spring cleaning, it can come as a huge challenge.  Spring cleaning can be a lot of work depending on how much you tackle during what amount of time.  However, the greatest satisfaction comes when the spring cleaning is completed, and you can sit back and enjoy your fresh space.  Take the spring-cleaning challenge this year and spend 7 days cleaning and decluttering your space.  Think of closets, baseboards, overhead lights, cleaning appliances, deep-cleaning floors, sorting through paperwork, cleaning out the garage, and so much more

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