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Setting Goals for Professional Development

Professional development is advancing your skills and abilities at your work.  It is important throughout life and in any career to set goals for growth.  It can keep you motivated at your current job and provide you with overall satisfaction as you achieve new things.  Professional development is necessary for both the employee and the employer to consider.  Professional development can be anything from a new career, or additional education to improving job performance, or participating in professional organizations and so much more.  Before setting any goals, it is important to evaluate where you came from and your current professional status.  It is also necessary to then identify your skills and interests in forming a professional goal.  Here are a few simple steps in working toward any professional development goal:

  • Identify your end goal. First figure out where you want to get too.
  • Break down into smaller steps to get to your goal. Write a list of steps that you will need to take to get to your goal.  Looking at the steps can make the goal seem easier and simpler than achieving the goal all at once.
  • Set deadlines. Help hold yourself accountable to reaching your goals with setting deadlines for your steps and your goal as a whole.
  • Ask for feedback/advice. Talk to someone who has maybe achieved a similar goal that can offer some feedback or advice on your professional development goal.
  • Take stops. Evaluate your progress and either keep going to achieve your goal or make modifications on your steps.

Dream big about your future and consider some of these steps in moving forward toward your goal!

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