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Setting Boundaries with Your Schoolwork

It can be challenging for many of us to set aside our school or work and solely focus on the other areas of our lives.  We leave class or work and that difficult part of the day pops in our mind, or maybe it is something you made a mistake on, or maybe it is a long list of activities you still have left to complete.   By allowing school/work to lapse into the other areas of our lives, we are not focusing on the task at hand and are not allowing ourselves to enjoy being in the moment.  The first helpful tip is to have a set schedule where you spend time completing each area that is needed.  Build in time for meals, socializing, cleaning, homework, etc.  Focus on keeping that schedule and not allowing certain areas to take up all of your time.  Having a balance with your school/work and other personal activities can help relieve your stress and recharge you.  Try setting activities outside of school/work that you will look forward to and can focus on.  Often after a long day, it can be helpful to have someone to talk to about your day and this can be settling.  However, spending long amounts of time ruminating on it, will not change the situation.  Try setting a time limit for the amount of time you talk about your day.  Start by venting for five minutes and then stop and move on to another topic.  One other way to set boundaries with your schoolwork is to designate a space within your home or room to complete your homework and work on your school.  If you have one area that you work, this will allow you to associate just that area with work.  One or all of these steps can lead to better boundaries with your schoolwork, try one today!

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