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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, each year, over 15 thousand children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States and over the world it totals over 300,000. Childhood cancers include cancer in the bone, brain, blood, liver, nerve, eye, soft tissue, kidney and more. Most childhood cancers are rare and treatment for them is provided by specialists in pediatric oncology along with a vast treatment team. As with many health conditions, regular medical check-ups and early stage diagnosis is crucial to accurate diagnoses. However, many childhood cancers can have early symptoms that are overlooked or misdiagnosed as they appear to be other conditions. Childhood cancer organizations work together each September to raise awareness over cancer and raise money. If you, your child or a child you know has been effected by cancer, September is a great month to connect with others to fight the cancer battle. Check with your local community to find out what awareness events may be happening in your area. You can also look for national groups for more ideas. You can donate money to a particular foundation or find an opportunity to volunteer your time. Simply sharing the word about childhood cancer awareness this month through social media or at your workplace or school is another way to spread the news. For the source and more resources on childhood cancer awareness month, check out the American Childhood Cancer Organization here:

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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