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Save On Utilities This Summer

Summer is here and that can mean hot weather for many of us.  It can be our first instinct to crank up the air conditioner just to stay cool, however we often later pay for it in our utility bills.  Whether you are renting your place, or you own it, utilities can be a big adjustment over the summer.  It is important to stay cool over the summer without paying a high price for it.  Here are a few ideas of ways to cut back on your utility expenses this summer and make the most of your money, while staying cool.

  1. Block your windows during the day. Try investing in blackout curtains that you can place over your windows during the day to shield out the sun.  These can help keep your home cooler.
  2. Change your air filters. Clean filters mean that your air conditioner works more efficiently and can cool your home better.
  3. Turn up your air during the day. Don’t pay for a cool home while no one is there.  You can save on money by keeping a warmer home while you aren’t home.  Some thermostats allow you to program settings so that it starts to cool back down before you will be home.
  4. Use fans. Fans use less energy and can help keep you cool.  Ceiling fans are also very effective, but you can also get standing ones that work well too.
  5. Check with your utility company to see if they have any money saving programs for your utilities. Also, some companies charge less for electricity during nighttime or other hours of the day which could save you money if you run laundry or other appliances then.

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