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RNs Qualifications

We will train RN’s to teach CNA/CMA Class clinicals.

If you have taught CNA classes before and enjoyed it, you will love this wonderful opportunity.

If you have not taught CNA classes before, this is a great opportunity!

RN’s need to have:

  • Computer experience
  • KDADS Instructor Number (if you don’t have this, we will assist you in obtaining one.)
  • Must be extremely timely on answering emails of the students and staff at We Care Online
  • Must be timely with answering and returning phone calls regarding CNA and/or CMA Classes
  • Must be organized and meticulous on duties required for the course
  • Must follow KDADS guidelines
  • Must be willing to work with a great crew at We Care Online


We will work closely with the RN’s to help make you successful as well as to make the program and students successful in our courses.

Potential with We Care Online is unlimited if you are a dedicated RN interested in truly helping others pursue their careers and dreams!

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