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Resume Building Tips

Whether you are fresh out of school or are simply looking for a new job, resume writing is a key component of impressing an employer.  Your resume is a document that should change as you move jobs, obtain new skills and advance your education.  Your resume is unique to you and is a way to showcase yourself to potential employers.  Here are a few tips to consider when making or updating your resume:

Look at other resumes and consider using a free template.  There are many great examples of resumes available for you to read and learn from.  Also, since formatting is important in a resume, there are many free resume templates available online.  Try using one of them to make your resume look professional and polished.
Use an easy-to-read font.  In today’s competitive world it may seem tempting to want to stand out in all areas.  However, in terms of your resume font, stick to something that is easy-to-read.  This makes employers focus on the content of your resume, rather than being distracted by how it looks.
Customize your resume for each job.  Although many careers are similar, not all jobs within those careers are the same.  Each employer can be different, and it is important to learn about the potential employer along with reading the job description carefully.  You can then tailor your resume to promote the skills you have that the employer may be looking for.
Have your resume reviewed.  Ask a teacher, peer or someone with experience in your job area to review your resume.  They may have an outsider’s perspective and be able to provide valuable feedback about your resume and what it displays about you.
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