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Restorative Aide Part 2

Earlier last month, we explored what a Restorative Aide position is and the necessary job skills.  Here is a closer look at the job duties, education requirements and the job outlook. These are important to be aware of, if you are considering this career or are interested in additional information.
Education Requirements For Becoming A Restorative Aide
The prerequisite for taking this course is having a Nurse’s Aide certification.  The coursework for becoming a Restorative Aide then involves taking an additional course.  This course is available through We Care Online (in most states). The course consists of 32 hours of online learning.  It’s that simple! Click here to see the details on this course through We Care Online: https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/all-states/restorative-aide/

Restorative Aide Job Duties
The essential job duties include providing restorative care to patients through a team of both therapy and medical staff.   Treatments to patients can be administered independently or through working with the therapy team, depending on the task.  These can include training in activities of daily living, mobility exercises, bladder retraining, speech therapy, ambulatory skills, and much more.  With these duties also comes documenting the skills that were taught/completed.  This is just a short list of the many duties of a Restorative Aide, which can vary greatly depending on the patient needs and the medical facility.
Restorative Aide Job Outlook
The U.S. Department of Labor predicts this area of medical care to increase by 28 percent until the year 2026.  This is largely due to the increasing need for patient care, as a result of patient injury, illness and old age.  This field of work is greatly increasing and is in high demand of workers.  Click here for resources: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/mobile/occupational-therapy-assistants-and-aides.htm
Click here to explore more about becoming a Restorative Aide through We Care Online and for additional information: https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/all-states/restorative-aide/

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