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Responding to Criticism

Criticism is not everyone’s favorite topic.  Whether it is constructive or unfair, criticism can be a hard pill to swallow.  Criticism can be hard to hear and accept because it involves negative aspects about ourselves.  However, the fact of the matter, is that everyone experiences criticism at some point in their life.  Knowing that criticism will come, let us focus on the best ways to respond to criticism.  First, the best response to criticism can be made with having a good attitude.  This can be more difficult in the moment, when the criticism is coming at you.    Second, remembering that whether the criticism was positive or negative, you can learn from the experience.  Criticism can be beneficial because it forces us to take a deep look at the issue being presented.  We then have a choice with that information of accepting it or denying it.  Regardless of your take on the criticism, you can learn about yourself and about the other person presenting it.  Third, listen to what is being said before responding.  This allows you to hear the whole message without jumping to any conclusions.  Then, it is often necessary to repeat back what you heard, so that you know if you are taking in all the correct information.  Fourth on the list, is set your emotions aside and focus on the facts.  It is very easy to focus on your feelings, rather than what the criticism is about.  You can take time to address your emotions and mend your feelings after a resolution has been made.  Lastly, it can be beneficial to share the criticism you received with a peer for their insight on the situation.  We cannot predict or control the criticism we receive, but we do have the choice of how we respond.
Information was sourced from the following site:  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/averyblank/2018/09/25/6-ways-to-respond-to-mean-spirited-criticism-and-maintain-your-self-respect/amp/

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