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Respite Care

What is respite care?
–Respite care is temporary care given to a child or adult in place of a caregiver.  A respite care worker steps in place of the caregiver and assists with providing care that is necessary for the patient.  Respite care can be something that is planned or could be because of an emergency need.  It can be provided in various settings where the person in need is living.  This could include their home or a healthcare facility.  Respite care could be provided for several hours or several weeks, depending on the need.  Respite care can allow a caregiver time to themselves to take care of their own needs.  This is especially important if a caregiver is providing care all day and night, seven days per week.
Who provides respite care?
–There are many organizations that are trained to provide respite care.  They have employees trained to provide this care.  Respite care can provide personal care services such as assisting with activities of daily living, help around the house and more, depending on the need.  However, respite care is often not completely covered by many insurance plans.  It is recommended to first check with your insurance plan to see what is available.  There are some coverage options available through Medicare and Medicaid.
What respite care is available to me or my loved one?
–If you are currently a caregiver and are looking for assistance, or know someone who is, there are many resources available to you.  Click here to start locating available respite services near you: https://archrespite.org/respitelocator
Source:  https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/what-respite-care

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