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Residents’ Rights Month

The month of October is dedicated each year as residents’ rights, which focuses on individuals living in long-term care facilities. A long-term care facility provides services to those who are no longer able to live independently. As a resident of a long-term care facility, there are rights that each individual has while living there. Residents are to be treated with respect and integrity. The federal nursing home reform law passed in 1987 requires the protection of residents and nursing homes to follow these guidelines. The goal and purpose of a long-term care facility is to look after the physical, mental, social and psychological well-being of each resident. As many residents’ health declines due to their own conditions, many can become vulnerable to abuse, exploitation or neglect. It therefore remains the responsibility of the facility to look after each person’s best interests. A long-term care facility should also be focused on providing the highest quality care to each resident. If you are living in a long-term care facility or know someone who is, make sure to be aware of all residents’ rights and how your facility is following them.
Join us in raising awareness about residents’ rights this month and celebrating those who are living in long-term care facilities. Help educate others you work with, or are in school with or other individuals in your life that can help make a difference this month. For more information on residents’ rights month and long-term care facilities, check out the sources below:

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